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Our modular approach to security with right-sized solutions ensures your small business is able to protect itself across the large variety of threat vectors. Powered by threat intelligence from the leading cyber-security lab, Echo Networks combines market-leading prevension, detection and mitigation with top-rated threat intelligence to combat today’s most advanced threats.

How Does Ransomware Work?

Step 1: Email

Given the volume of email, even a small percent of evasion translates to malicious email getting through to users.

Step 2: Click

Without filtering to prevent users going to malicious sites, an attack is unsuspectingly launched.


Step 3: Worm

Without anomaly or heuristic detection and prevention, attacks hunt for for key data, folders and disables backup mechanisms.

Step 4: Encrypt

When ready, the ransomware establishes command control with the attacker and encrypts files.


Step 5: Lateral Movement

Without segmentation in place to isolate systems, encryption spreads laterally and hunts for other connected devices.

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