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The restaurant industry is highly competitive and your guests are looking for more than just great food. The entire guest experience drives your success. Your patrons deserve a restaurant phone system from Echo Networks that allows you to promptly and effectively tend to their needs.

During the COVID lockdown, our business relied on phone-in take out orders. Since we only had an old landline phone, customers were constantly getting busy signals. We estimate we lost about a third of our daily orders until we switched to Echo Networks. Since then, we’re not only doing more business, but we’re also saving over 30% on our phone bill. It’s a no-brainer to switch. Give them a call today.

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Unlimited Calling

No more long distance bills, our business phone system includes unlimited local and long distance.r.

Custom Call Schedules

Control the behavior of your business phone system with our custom call schedules for business hours, after hours, restaurant closures and holidays.

Auto Attendants

Provide your customers with directions and hours of operation, and other self help options to make a dine-in reservation or place a to-go order with our auto attendant for restaurants.

Text Messaging

Improve guest experience by sending them a text message when their to go order is ready.

The Best Phones For Your Restaurant

If you’re in the food service industry, you know there are A LOT of responsibilities of your staff to make sure your business runs smooth every single day. Whether you have a 5-star fine dining restaurant, mom and pop diner, or even a cool little food truck – you know communication is key.

Hostesses need to be able to clearly speak with customers to place take-out orders and make reservations. Managers often need to talk with vendors to make sure they never run out of supplies, particularly food and beverages, and they need to keep in contact with employees to quickly make staffing adjustments as needed. Many restaurant groups need to be able to communicate with one another quickly and efficiently and having a phone system that can do that with a press of a button is huge.

If your restaurant doesn’t have an easy to use, easily scalable, phone systems for restaurants, you may be missing customer calls, and if they hear a busy signal – that can frustrate some patrons to the point of leaving a bad review. With Echo Networks, you can be sure to improve communication between your team and your customers, which will return happy patrons time and time again.

We Understand the Importance of Customer Experience

With over 70 standard features focused on improving your callers experience and making your restaurant more efficient, Echo Networks is the right choice for your restaurant phone system.

Unlimited Phone Lines – No more busy signals

Intelligent Call Routing – Your phone system will route calls in real time based on rules you define.

Improved Customer Service – Detailed call analytics with caller ID and call recording ensures your guests have the best experience in the industry.

Multi-Locaiton Cloud Based Phone Solution – Route calls between multiple restaurant locations.

We’ve helped countless restaurants, large and small, add the special sauce to their guest experience.


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